30 best Christmas festivals in the world

This is the most wonderful time of year, which means you should definitely start thinking about visiting a Christmas festival near you. Countless towns and villages around the world add a little spice to the season by celebrating the magic of Christmas with beautiful Christmas trees, delicious Christmas treats, and stalls manned by local artisans selling their fine work. These Christmas festivals are the perfect place to take an evening stroll to soak up the cold weather, kiss a cup of hot chocolate, and marvel at extravagant light shows. You can tick off many of your favorite Christmas activities, from ice skating to Christmas stocking shopping, in one night at these Christmas festivals.

There is nothing quite like a Christmas festival to really get you into the holiday spirit, and these are the most exciting festivals taking place in the world. While attending all of these festivals is a pretty tricky feat (even in a non-pandemic world), you can still have fun on vacation dreaming about these amazing events. Plus, if you happen to be close to one of them, you can check it on your vacation list. Whether you go in person or enjoy these festivals from afar, you will be amazed at how a fun Christmas festival can make every holiday feel warm and hazy.

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