At home, the opening date of Poughkeepsie is pushed back … once again

Hopefully this is the last time we need to update the open date.

In July 2021, we reported that a new At Home store, The Home Décor Superstore, was under construction in Dutchess County. The home decor store was originally slated to open on September 8 at The Shoppes in South Hills.

As construction continued through the summer and we got closer to the alleged opening date, we realized it wouldn’t be ready on time. We contacted At Home in September 2021 and they told us the date was pushed back to October 27.

October 27 has passed and At Home Poughkeepsie still hasn’t opened. With the holidays over and the decorations falling, I thought At Home may have opened in early 2022. It hasn’t, but it looks like it will be opening soon.

According to Google At Home, The Home Decore Store is scheduled to open on February 22, 2022. February can’t come soon enough!

At Home will move to where KMart was located at The Shoppes at South Hills. Other tenants in the square include Christmas Tree Shop, Orange Theory Fitness, and Hobby Lobby.

Currently there are 2 At Home locations in and around the Hudson Valley. There is a Middletown At Home store (at 100 N Galleria Dr in Middletown) and another in Albany (161 Washington Ave Ext, Albany).

Many have described At Home The Decor Superstore as “home items gone crazy.” At Home offers approximately 50,000 interior design products such as furniture, rugs, artwork, mirrors, bedding, seasonal decorations and storage products. Plus, the average At Home location is around 110,000 square feet, so whatever you’re looking for, they probably have it.

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