Be Stylish at These Great Upstate New York Wine Bars

Full disclosure, I’m not a wine guy. My wife is, but not me.

That said, when she makes the call, and it’s “wine night”, I like to go to our local wine bar for a night out. There is something special about them. They’re stylish, almost all of them serve delicious food, and I always feel, well, more educated after spending an hour or two at a wine bar. Yes, that’s the word: Educated.

The servers are sharp as a nail, especially when it comes to informing and helping those of us who are new to the “wine scene”. The history, romance and stories about great wines from upstate New York and other places always fascinate me. And, surprisingly, I can always find a drink or two that I really like.

The wine bars on this list span the entire upstate New York region. Some have “wine bar” in their name. Others are simply known for their wine lists. Many of them are amply rewarded by their peers.

I’ve been to several of these places and enjoyed them very much. I have to be honest though, the one in Cooperstown was very special to me. I took my wife to a private anniversary dinner at the Otesaga Resort and we dined and sipped in a private room in front of a wall of 100 bottles of fine wine. Yes, you will see the photo. That night, I felt like the wine lover in me really came out.

Hey, wine will do that to a guy!

By the Glass or the Bottle, You Can’t Go Wrong at These 13 Upstate New York Wine Bars

Wine bars are spreading rapidly in upstate New York. Not necessarily bars in the traditional sense, nor corner saloons, nor cocktail bars, but wine bars that mainly focus on the many varieties of wines from around the world.

Of course, upstate is no slouch when it comes to wine, with Finger Lakes wineries now making headlines at wine shows and competitions across the country. But local wine producers, even the smallest ones, are starting to break into the pack of award-winning wines from coast to coast.

Here is a list of 13 great wine bars. They all serve food and many of them have the word “restaurant” in their name, but as you’ll see, wine is the superstar at all of these beautiful upstate New York locations.

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