Chakra Bowls moves to the village of Eastdale in Poughkeepsie

If you’re looking for some great food, you might want to take a trip to downtown Eastdale Village on Route 44 to Poughkeepsie. Some of the area’s best restaurants have opened stores in Eastdale Village in recent months, and the list goes on.

Last month, Rhinebeck’s Pizzeria Posto expanded and opened a new restaurant in downtown Eastdale Village. The award-winning Posto Pizzeria and one of Dutchess County’s favorite pizza places. Great pizza and salads which are to die for. Eastdale Ave Bagels is also new to Eastdale Village. If you like bagels, you have to check them out. They have one of the biggest bagel flavor selections I have ever seen. And Rossi’s Deli, also an award-winning restaurant and grocery store in Poughkeepsie, is preparing to open its new location in Eastdale Village sometime next month. Try the Rabe Broccoli Roast Pork Panini.

If these are candy you’re looking for, you’ll want to visit Eastdale Village to check out Amanda’s Macaron Shoppe, SweetBakes Cafe and Spoon’s Ice Cream, and more. Or grab a cup of coffee and a snack at Crafted Kup.

And now, more good news for Eastdale Village and for you. Chakra Bowls, known for their healthy smoothies, smoothie bowls, wellness bowls, superfoods and salads, toast and more, will open in downtown Eastdale Village later this year. Chakra Bowls is currently located on Arlington Avenue in Poughkeepsie, but look for its new location in the Village of Eastdale this fall.

There are plenty of great dining options to choose from these days at Eastdale Village Town Center, whatever your mood. And now these options are multiplying. We wish Chakra Bowls the best in their new location, looking forward to seeing them.

An overview of downtown Eastdale Village from Poughkeepsie

Big things are happening at Eastdale Village in Poughkeepsie

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