Construction begins in Hyde Park’s ‘district of the future’

We’ve been hearing about it for months. In fact, it’s been over a year, but we’re happy to tell you that construction has begun at Bellefield at Historic Hyde Park. The truth is that surface construction has finally begun. Apparently, projects like this also require underground construction. But the buildings are going up, and it seems that this “district of the future” is happening.

Bellefield at Historic Hyde Park, when complete, is supposed to include a few hotels, farm-to-fable restaurants, distilleries, a special-event barn, an amphitheater, and lots of cool shops. The plan for Bellefield is to make it a walkable village with diverse, eco-friendly housing. Sounds like a good plan.

Some residents fear that Bellefield at Historic Hyde Park will compromise the charm and history of Hyde Park, but the people behind Bellefield promise to preserve the integrity of Hyde Park. In fact, half of the 340 acres will remain forested and undeveloped, meaning there will still be plenty of beautiful nature around the village. They also plan to use some of the land for agriculture.

If all goes as planned, Bellefield at Historic Hyde Park will be a great addition to our area. Shopping, restaurants, accommodations and more, all surrounded by the beauty of the Hudson Valley. It will also create a lot of jobs, and that’s always good news. You can find out more about this innovative new development at Bellefield website. Now that construction has begun, it shouldn’t be long before we see Bellefield become a reality.

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