Dutchess County Veterans Organizations Grant Funding

An exciting announcement from Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro regarding funding for veterans programs and initiatives will provide opportunities to improve the lives of our local veterans. With the Dutchess County Division of Veterans Services, the Molinaro County Executive shared news of the Veterans Micro-Grants Program which “will enhance activities and programs that meet the needs of veterans or recognize the local veterans service”, funding for this program having been obtained this past. June.

What is the Veterans Micro-Grants Program?

Described as one-time grants that will be awarded to local nonprofit veteran organizations and municipalities, the funding will be used for (c)(19)/501(c)(3) organizations and municipalities to improve existing activities and programs for veterans.

heritage for Canva

heritage for Canva

A more detailed explanation of funding then explains that grants can be awarded up to $15,000 per organization or municipality. These groups can then allocate the funds to the needs of their specific organization, including but not limited to equipment, resources, or other one-time expenses, as well as the expansion of existing programs or services, or even the development of new programs.

Here are some specific examples of fund allocations:

  • Plaques, banners or monuments honoring veterans
  • Event expenses associated with honoring veterans, such as a holiday party or picnic
  • Capital infrastructure works in a facility space whose primary purpose is veterans services

How can groups apply?

The Veterans Micro-Grants Program is application-based and submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis as long as funds are available. Organizations/municipalities that serve veterans of the United States Armed Forces in Dutchess County are encouraged to apply, and priority funding will be given to those who have not already contracted with the county to provide their services.

Each organization or municipality will be allowed to submit an application, and the funds must be used within one year of being granted.

The link for all the details and guidelines on the grant program, as well as the application link can be found here.

Adam Roche, Director of Veterans Services for Dutchess County, shared the following:

I am delighted that the county created this program to help our veterans. Every day we strive to give veterans the help and resources they have earned for their time of service. This grant is another important step in improving the lives of our local heroes.

Dutchess County will host a ‘Red White and You Veterans Picnic the first weekend of August. General Veteran Resources for Dutchess County Residents can be found here.

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