Easter candy? Get yours at this Celebrity Candy Shop, Rhinebeck

This year, Easter Sunday is April 17, which means it’s time to find your favorite pastel-colored shirt, collect your baskets for the kids, and start decorating those eggs! They will not paint!

If you want to make the Easter celebration a special “eggstra”, you should buy a famous celebrity’s sweets, chocolate and sweets. I happen to know that actor Paul Rudd has a candy store in the Hudson Valley with some of the best candy you’ll ever eat. Let’s go!

Samuel’s Sweet Shop at 42 East Market Street in Rhinebeck, NY isn’t just owned by People magazine’s Sexiest Man, Paul Rudd, it’s also partnered with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, yes, Negan from The Walking Dead!

In 1994, a man named Ira Gutner opened Samuel of Rhinebeck and operated the confectionery for 20 years before passing away suddenly in 2014. Gutner was a beloved member of the community and his passing touched many, including Morgan and Rudd.

As Samuel’s of Rhinebeck was in danger of having to close, these celebrities teamed up with others to buy the store and keep Ira’s dream alive. Today the store is known as Samuel’s Sweet Shop and you never know who you’ll meet there.

Samuel’s Sweet Shop is more than just a celebrity owned business, it’s one of the best candy stores I’ve ever visited. Discover “every bunnie’s favorite candy”.

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