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How to buy a computer financed at the best cost

If you want to buy a computer at the best cost, discover how to pay for it with the different financing formulas offered by the market. Credit cards or online mini-credits can be the ideal method for you. 

How to finance the purchase of your computer with credit cards

How to finance the purchase of your computer with credit cards

Credit cards are a very common means of payment in this type of technological purchases since they allow us to use money instantly and reimburse it in different ways. If we want to buy a computer and do not know which method to use, a card may be the best way to deal with this expense:

With these credit cards, it is possible to finance the purchase of the computer in the way that we think best fits our financial situation. The two types of payment that a plastic presents are the monthly deferred payment with which we do not have to face the interest and the installment payment in monthly installments that do include interest.

Buying a computer can mean a large financial outlay, so choosing the credit card modality that best suits our possibilities is so important. If we are going to buy a computer at a more affordable price, perhaps choosing the month-to-month payment is more appropriate. For example, if the PC costs 500 euros and we can defer spending until the following month, it will be easier to return the money especially because we do not have to pay interest.

However, if we are going to buy a 900-euro computer, it is more likely that it will be easier for us to split the expense into several monthly installments, even if we have to pay interest. If we establish two installments of 450 euros plus the cost of interest accrued, in two months we could have completed the refund. In addition, we must take into account that it is cheaper not to extend the refund in too many installments, because it would generate more interest and this would increase the total amount owed.

Mini-loans online to buy a computer in minutes

Mini-loans online to buy a computer in minutes


If we do not have a credit card and we need to buy a computer urgently because we need it to work, we can turn to online mini-credits. This financing allows us to access up to 750 euros normally if we are already clients and in a matter of minutes. These credits can be a solution if we take into account that the money that they lend us has to be returned in a maximum of 30 days :

Online mini-credits can help us get the capital we need to make the purchase of the computer, but it should be noted that they are not a resource that is designed for this type of situation. Generally, mini-loans are used to deal with economic setbacks that arise at the last minute and for which we do not have liquidity. However, if we have to buy a PC because we have broken the one we had or because we need it for our work and we lack money to face all the cost, the minicréditos can be useful.

One option to take into account are free mini-credits, which are offers launched by private equity companies and with which we can get up to 300 euros to return in 30 days maximum and without generating interest. Although the amount to which they give us access is not very high, getting a part of the capital needed to buy a computer can be interesting. These products can also be used for other items, such as to buy a mobile. However, we must know that these promotions are only for new customers.

Quick credits to buy a computer

Quick credits to buy a computer


If we need to buy a complete computer or several computers because we have a startup or any business that requires it, we will need financing that gives us access to larger amounts of money. One possibility is that we resort to quick credits with which we can get up to 3,000 euros and in 24 hours:

These loans can be used to buy computers since the amount we can get is higher than the minipréstamos and also, we can also get in a short time. An additional advantage of resorting to these credits is that the money they lend us can be returned in monthly installments during a period that can reach up to 24 months.

However, we have to think that this method of financing can be a bit expensive since the interest rate is usually around 8% per month. Therefore, before resorting to quick credits to buy computers, we must compare with other options to see if this is the most appropriate for us.

Discover what is better, buy a computer or the ‘renting’?

Discover what is better, buy a computer or the


Many people do not know this alternative since it is usually more common to consider it when we doubt whether buying a car is the most appropriate for our economy. In this case, the renting is offered by the concessionaire, but if we want to buy a computer, some banking entities give us the option of making a lease at a fixed price and term. In this way, we can make use of the computer equipment but without it being completely ours.

With the renting, we will have to pay monthly the cost of the rental of the electronic equipment, but it does not include interest or commissions. Once the rental period established in the contract ends, the entity allows us to extend the term or return the product to the company that has lent it to us. It could also imply an additional cost that comes from the insurance that the company has contracted.

Before deciding on one option or another, we must ask ourselves if what matters most is the cost. If so, it is probably much cheaper to resort to this alternative, since we only have to pay a rent. However, for us, it may be more important than the computer equipment is ours, because we can make the use we want of it without worrying about belonging to another company. This option can be useful for people who want to start and need more than one computer, which means a large financial outlay. In these cases, it is possible that the person prefers to save the cost of asking for a loan to buy computers and other technological products.

5 advantages of credit cards for the purchase of the computer

5 advantages of credit cards for the purchase of the computer


Credit cards are used for purchases of all kinds such as buying a bicycle or an appliance. Therefore, to finance the purchase of a computer could also be the best option. This is so because of the advantages that these plastics have and are the following:

  • Flexibility in the choice of payment method: as we have seen, it is possible to postpone our purchases with or without interest.
  • We can make the online purchase: thanks to these plastics, we can buy the computer online.
  • Make use of immediate money: a credit card allows us to buy a computer at the moment since we can use the money on credit and then return it as it is easier for us.
  • The possibility of obtaining discounts: if we postpone our purchases, some entities offer us promotions that consist of the return of purchases in certain establishments.
  • No need to carry cash: if we are going to buy any type of computer, it is safer and more convenient to pay with a card than cash.

Where to buy computers at the best price?

Where to buy computers at the best price?


If we are thinking of buying a laptop or any type of PC, there are many options that we have of businesses that sell these types of products. Therefore, we can compare the market offer both online and physical stores to see who offers us the best option. The shops that we can go to get a product of these characteristics at the best price are the following:

  • Online businesses: many companies operate only online and offer the possibility of buying the computer through the Internet and receiving it at home. Normally, the offer is wide and allows us to investigate which PCs fit best in our pocket.
  • Specialized stores: another option is to go to a physical establishment that commercializes technological products. These shops offer a range of products similar to other surfaces.
  • Department stores: this group brings together establishments that offer all kinds of products and generally the offer that we have at our disposal is superior to that of other types of smaller stores. In the department stores, we can obtain facilities in the purchase that other stores do not allow, for example, it is possible that they put at our disposal financing of the computer without interest.

In addition, depending on what computer we want, we can also use the stores of the PC brands in question. Probably these offers are of a higher price, but in these cases, we have to assess what our expectations are and what functions they will cover to know if they compensate us for quality/price.

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