Is Hooters just too risky for the Hudson Valley?


We still wonder why a Hooters didn’t make its way to the Hudson Valley.

Hooters restaurants made headlines this week with the restaurant chain instituting a policy on skimpy new stockings to replace already short waitresses. According to New York Post, some Hooters girls were upset with the new uniform tenure, causing the company to reverse their decision. Now, Hooters says servers may have the option of wearing the traditional uniforms or the new ones.

With all the Hooters talk, it got me thinking again, “Why don’t we have any Hooters yet in the Hudson Valley to this day?” It has been rumored for years that we were going to have one, but why hasn’t it materialized yet?

If you want to enjoy the views of Hooters and those big wings, you have a bit of a road ahead of you. The nearest locations are in the Albany area (Colony, NY), about an hour and a half drive from Poughkeepsie, and a few locations within 2 hours in New Jersey (Brunswick and Somerset).

Now the Hudson Valley has got a Hooters-like restaurant chain called Tilted Kilt. Tilted Kilt was a Celtic-themed sports bar with scantily clad female waiters. When Tilted Kilt opened in the old Bugaboo Creek location on the rt. 9 at Poughkeepsie in 2017, there was some buzz, but that buzz quickly faded as the restaurant lasted just over a year before closing for good.

So I still wonder? Why still no Hooters in the Hudson Valley? Are the outfits too risky for this area and no one is willing to take a chance? Your guess is as good as mine, but for now it looks like the day we see a Hooters in the Hudson Valley is the day we finally have a White Castle …

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