NCAC leads coalition statement on attack on books in schools

Aaron John Curtis, writer and bookseller
Abigail Corfman, writer
Adriana Durbin, librarian
Adrianna Cuevas, author
Aida Salazar, author, The moon inside
Aileen Hower, Assistant Literacy Professor
Akilah Brown, teacher
Alan Fowler, bookseller
Alan Friedenberg, educational advisor
Alex Gino, author
Alex London, author
Alex Sanchez, author
Alexandra Grannis, retired teacher
Alexandra Katona, Marketing Advisor
Alexandra Villasante, author
Alexis Rappaport, Designer
Ali Lesch, occupational therapist
Alison Green Myers, Author and Program Director
Allison Burnett, author
Amber Ford, English teacher
Amy Bloom, author and teacher
Amy Bouch, teacher, Chartiers Valley College
Ana Siqueira, author and teacher
Andrea Beatriz Arango, author
Andrea Gollin
Andrew Karre, Editor-in-Chief
Andrew Lloyd, consultant and director
Angie Zhao, Events and Social Media Coordinator, bbgb books
Anika Aldamuy Denise, author
Anita Hannig, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Anne C
Ann christophersen
Ann Hurwitz, retired educator
Anna Bloom, editor
Anna Brown, bookseller
Anne Marie Pace, author
Anne Ursu, author
Anthony Cookson, concerned citizen
Ariana Paliobagis, bookseller
Ashley Hope Pérez, author and educator
Ashley Winstead, author
Ashlyn Keil
Aviva Orenstein, professor of law

Barbara Simon, Head of News and Campaigns, GLAAD
Barbara McClintock, author / illustrator
Barbara Perry Morgan, non-profit fundraiser

Barbara Stern, educator and psychotherapist
Barry Berry Douglas, writer / actor / teacher
Becky Anderson, Bookstore Owner, Anderson Bookshops
Becky Eisenberg, teacher
Benjamin Alire Saenz, author
Benjamin R. Wellenreiter, Ed.D., social science educator
Beth Wladis, librarian
Betina Hsieh, Associate Professor, California State University Long Beach College of Education, Teacher Education / Secondary Literacy
Betsy Burton, bookseller
Betsy malcolm
Beverly Ingle, owner of the bookstore
Bhawani Venkataraman, Teacher
Brandon Bolyard, educator
Brian Lies, author and illustrator
Brianna Gibson, teacher
Bridget McCarthy, editorial assistant
Bruce Coville, author
Carter bud
Carly Hath, author
Carol Goodwin, Child Care Provider
Carole Boston Weatherford, author and teacher

Carter Wilson, author
Cassandra Whetstone, educator and writer

Catherine brennan
Catherine Hong, critic
Charles R. Smith Jr., author-poet-photographer
Charlotte Huang, author
Chelsea McPeek, bookseller
Cheryl Bricker
Cheryl B. Klein, author and editor
Cheryl Willis Hudson, Children’s Book Author-Editor

Chris Barton, author
Christa Desir, editor
Christina Soonornvat, author of children’s books
Christina Soonornvat, author
Christina Vega, editor
Christoph Berendes
Christophe Mazura, Teacher
Chuck & Dee Robinson, retired booksellers
Chuck Hayward, writer
Cindy Lin, author
Claire Andrews, author
Clairesa Clay, Former teacher
Cliff Burke, author
Colleen Dunn Bates, writer
Colleen Kepner, teacher and author
Cristina Nosti, bookseller
Crystal Maldonado, author
Cynthia Harmony, author
Cynthia Leitich Smith, author
Cynthia Levinson, author
Danette Lipten, Retired teacher
Daniel Aper, university professor

Daniel Corfman
Daniel José Older, author
Daniel W. Chartrand, owner and bookseller; Water Street Bookstore, Inc.
Daniel Segal
Peoples of Daria, author
Dave Bentlin, Education
David Fury, writer / producer
David Goldberg, Director of Sales and Marketing, Steerforth Press
David Macinnis Gill, author
David Misch, screenwriter
David Rosenbaum, doctor
Deb Lacusta, writer
Debbi Michiko Florence, author
Debbie Loren Dunn, author
Deborah E Cohen, retired librarian
Debbie Ridpath Ohi, author and illustrator
Deborah Cooper, Former teacher and editor

Deborah Heiligman Author
Deborah Merritt, retired professor
Deborah Salyer, Literature Lecturer
Devin R. Wilkie, Associate Editor, Steerforth Press
Diana E Matsoukas, teacher
Diane galien

Diane Reynolds, reflective practice trainer, organizational consultant, leadership coach
Diane Stanley, author / illustrator
Dianne Houston, writer / director
Deirdre Cooper Owens, author
Don Tate, author and illustrator
Donna J. Bowman, author
Edna Kornberg, educator
eE Charlton-Trujillo, author and co-founder, Never Counted Out
Elana K. Arnold, author
Elizabeth M Young, Bookstore Owner
Dr. Elizabeth Dreier, retired teacher, principal, college teacher in education
Elizabeth Levy, author
Elizabeth C. Segal, Bank Street College Children’s Book Committee Member
Elizabeth Solar, bookseller
Ellen Hopkins, author
Ellen Richmond, bookseller / bookstore owner
Ellen Robinson, poet
Ellen Trachtenberg, bookseller
Elin Whitney Smith
Eliot Schrefer, author

Elliott Owen, writer / producer
Emily Adkins, social worker
Emily G., librarian
Emily Luedloff, publishing professional
Emma D Dryden, Publishing and Publishing Consultant for Children’s Books
Emma Hintzen, associate editor
Emma Kawecki, bookseller at bbgb
Erin Eitter Kono, author
Erin Matthews, bookseller
Erin McClary, editor
Eva Thaddée, Teacher

Evan Griffith, author and publisher of children’s books
Eve O. Schaub, author
Ezra Goldstein, Co-Owner, Community Bookstore
F. Lynn Curlee, author / illustrator
Faith Middleton, journalist
FJ Khan, Dean Emeritus, Bank Street College
Fran Manushkin, author
Francesca Flores, author
Gaël LeLamer, book buyer
Gaia Cornwall, author and illustrator
Gayle Pitman, author
Gayleen Rabakukk, author
George M Johnson, author of Not all boys are blue
Gil Schmerler, Bank Street College of Education, faculty

Gillian Engberg, Consultant, Children’s Books and Media
Ginger Johnson, author
Gloria Duke, author
Gloria Koster, librarian and author
Gwendolyn Rice, Nonprofit Director (Retired)
Hannah Salyer, author
Hanh Bui, author

Heather Duncan, Executive Director, MPIBA
Heidi R Kling, MFA, young adult author
Helen Freidus, educator
Helen A. Harrison, author
Hélène Dunbar, author
Holly A. Spinelli, educator
J. Xavier Prochaska, professor
Jaima Fixsen, author
James Crossley, bookseller
James M. Ivy, artist
James Newell, physician
Jane Lahr Crites, editor and packager
Jane Tesh, author
Ms. Jane Thynne

Jane Yolen, author and editor
Janet Wong, author
Janice MacLeod, author
Jarrett J. Krosoczka, author and illustrator
Jason June, author
Jeanette Bradley author and illustrator
Jeffrey Siger, author
Jeffry W. Johnston, author
Jen Calonita, author

Jenn Reese Author
Jenne Abramowitz, editor-in-chief
Jennifer basye sander
Jennifer Brown, critic
Jennifer Ziegler, author
Jenny Whitehead, Teacher
Jerdine Nolen, author
Jerry Craft, author / illustrator
Jessica Vitalis, author
Jina Accardo, literacy specialist
Jo Knowles, author and teacher
Joanne Rossmassler Fritz, author
Jodi Carmichael, author
Jodi Turchin, Teacher
Joe Mathieu, illustrator

Jonathan krejci
Jonathon Welch, bookseller
Joseph Antoine, author
Joseph Bruchac, doctor
Joseph Schneider, author and educator
Joséphine Cameron, author
Josh Funk, author
Judy Blume, writer
Judy Blundell, author
Julie Anne Lindsey, author
Julie Gribble, author and founder of KidLit TV
Julie Lake, author and teacher
Julie Swanson, author
Juliet Menéndez, author and illustrator
June Morris, President, Oregon Council for Social Studies
Juno Dawson, author
Justin Chanda, editor
KA Holt, author
Kait Ballenger, author
Karen adams
Karen L. Butt, Child Care, Retired Teacher, PFLAG Member
Karen goldman
Karen E. Lotz, editor and literacy advocate
Karlan Sick, Chairman of the Board, Literacy for Youth in Incarceration
Kate Messner, author
Kate Moore, author
Kate roddy
Katherine Cramer, English Teacher
Katherine V Wiese, librarian
Katherine Wakefield, Bookstore, Books & Books
Kathryn Erskine, author
Kathryn Payne, teacher, reviewer, member of the Bank Street Children’s Book Committee
Kathy Ellen Davis, bookseller and author
Katie Bayerl, author
Katie Golding, author
Kay Baumgartner, retired

Kayla Cagan, author

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