Residents of Rhinebeck village reject pottery shops and smokehouses – Daily Freeman

RHINEBECK, NY – Residents of the village have voted against allowing pot shops or salons in which marijuana can be smoked.

Tuesday’s vote to withdraw from state law allowing marijuana dispensaries was 185-115. The vote to refuse to allow lounges to smoke weed was 235-63.

Under New York’s Marijuana Legalization Act, signed in September, municipalities can refuse to allow marijuana retail outlets and smoking lounges as long as they make the decision by December 31. .

Villages across the state were given the option of asking residents to make the decision through a public vote. The options for withdrawal from the city must be approved by the city government and these decisions can be overturned by a public referendum.

The village of Rhinebeck conducted a survey in September which found that 64% of 763 people polled were in favor of allowing marijuana shops, while 53% opposed smoking lounges. Mayor Gary Bassett, however, said there was no clear evidence that all survey responses came from residents of the village, so a public vote was held.

Rhinebeck City Council voted 4-1 on September 1 to refuse to allow pottery shops, and no petition calling for a public referendum has been submitted within the required 45 days.

Under New York City legalization law, people 21 years of age and older can own up to 3 ounces of cannabis or 24 grams of cannabis concentrate in the state, and they can smoke marijuana anywhere. smoking tobacco is permitted.

The regulation of retail marijuana in New York City is still under development. Ultimately, the state Cannabis Control Board will be responsible for issuing retail licenses.

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