Savor the sweet flavors and charm of Rhinebeck on this Road Trip: Close to Home

A Road Trip: Close to Home through the Hudson Valley isn’t the same without a stop in Rhinebeck!

From local gifts to local dishes, the discoveries are endless in this charming city.

The Terrapin restaurant is an example of this allure, with a staff as warm and welcoming as the surrounding candlelit ambiance. It’s a neighborhood favorite that uses locally sourced ingredients for many of its menu options – from duck quesadilla to fully loaded nachos, and bites to choose from with tapas dishes.

Then, leave your meal alongside local stores and gift shops. There are plenty of options to suit everyone, from fashionistas to bookworms and more.

Speaking of bookworms, Megabrain Comics is a must visit! There you will find a wide selection of your favorites for new discoveries. “It’s about finding that weird thing or that cool thing that you didn’t know you needed at the time,” says Nicholas Giandelia, store manager for Megabrain Comics.

Not to mention that they have an arcade at the back! That’s right – play pinball or Simpsons games at Space Invaders!

Before heading home, have a bite to eat on delicious sweets at Samuel’s Sweet Shop. “Samuel’s is an old-fashioned candy store and cafe that opened in 1994. We make our own chocolates, we bake candy cookies, coffee cupcakes,” says manager John Traver.

Samuel’s, which is owned by actors Paul Rudd, Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is proud of its own special creation. “The Next Level Sensation, which is a York peppermint pancake sandwiched between two unlocked double-stuffed Oreos dipped in dark mint chocolate,” says Traver.

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