The most overweight school children ranked by district in the Hudson Valley

How unhealthy are children in the Hudson Valley? A look at obesity rates in each school shows that some districts are raising dangerously overweight children.

The New York Department of Health keeps track of statistics taken each year from schools across the state. As children step onto the scale at the nurse’s office, the results are compiled and published to give New Yorkers an idea of ​​which areas are facing serious health issues.

While some school districts in the Hudson Valley have an average percentage of overweight or obese children, others appear to be in serious health crisis.

We’ve compiled a list of all school districts in Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster counties and ranked student bodies from least to most overweight and obese. We know that parents in many of our poorer school districts are struggling to provide healthy meals for their children, which has resulted in high percentages. But some of the region’s wealthier school districts also have many overweight or obese children.

You can review the full list below to find your school district and the percentage of overweight or obese students attending each. The list is ordered from lowest to highest.

Warwick Valley: 24.7%

Monroe-Woodbury: 27.8%

New Palace: 28.6%

Greenwood Lake: 28.7%

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Red Hook: 27.2%

Rhinebeck: 27.7%

Goshen: 28.6%

Arlington 29.2%

Cornwall: 29.4%

Children’s hospital class aims to help young people with obesity issues

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Tuxedo: 29.5%

Ellenville: 30.4%

Spakenkill: 30.6%

Central Valley: 31.3%

Florida: 31.4%

Children’s hospital class aims to help young people with obesity issues

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Pine forest: 31.5%

Wappingers: 31.5%

Washingtonville: 31.7%

Onteore: 32.0%

Snap: 32.0%

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Valley of the mini-well: 32.3

Tag: 32.5%

Millbrook: 32.8%

Chester: 33.1%

Highlands: 33.8%

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Pine Plains: 34.2%

Hyde Park: 35.1%

Port Jervis: 36.5%

Highland Falls: 36.7%

Wallkill: 36.8%

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Saugerties: 36.9%

Marlboro: 37.0%

Northeast: 37.4%

Downtown: 37.6%

Rondout Valley: 37.7%

Children’s hospital class aims to help young people with obesity issues

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Poughkeepsis: 40.0%

Kingston: 40.3%

Dover: 42.4%

Newburgh: 44.5%

The data reflects the latest information available for the 2019 school year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many schools are reporting that things are actually going from bad to worse. For more information on the data collected, you can visit the Student Weight Data Explorer at

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