Vandals break into Wappingers bakery, destroying expensive cakes


Vandals ruined many special events this weekend after breaking into a popular Hudson Valley and destroying high-end cakes.

It’s one of those things that makes you scratch your head and wonder “why?” Photos were shared on Saturday following an apparent break-in at Sweetbakes Cafe on West Main Street in the village of Wappingers. Images show cakes, cookie tins and cupcakes piled on the ground by vandals who apparently had nothing better to do on Friday night.

The sweet treats included what appeared to be a wedding cake, a Disney birthday cake, and other special pastries for this weekend’s events. While the motives are unclear as to why someone would do something so destructive, their actions will undoubtedly affect many this weekend, putting a damper on their celebrations.

As for Sweetbakes, they say the heist “will only help them.” In an Instagram post on Saturday, the bakery vowed to keep “killing those cakes!” Currently, the crime is under investigation. Sweetbakes has a security camera and the footage is currently under review. In the meantime, the bakery has asked for help from the community. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, they are asked to report it to the Wappingers Falls Village Police. Detective Weaver combs through the evidence in hopes of catching the perpetrator who is still on the loose.

While the bakery owners are angry with all the destruction, they have shared a few kind words for anyone who has decided to trash their business.

During difficult times, we hope whoever orchestrated this will receive a hug and find love – we will pray for you.

Sweetbakes received a wave of support from its customers, who were outraged to hear the news. Those who want to help by giving them their business will have to wait at least until Monday because all their food has been completely destroyed. The bakery will be closed this weekend as it cleans up the mess and contacts customers who were planning to pick up their orders this weekend. You can get updates on when they plan to reopen by following Sweetbakes on social media.

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