Want to see comedian Sebastian Maniscalco in Albany?

Did you plan to see a comedian Sebastien Maniscalco in Albany on New Years Eve 2021? Me too! Sadly these plans were stalled due to Covid issues and I ended up snoring at midnight instead.

As you’ll hear in the interview below, I caught up with Maniscalco to find out how he ended up spending New Year’s Eve and what his plans are for a return to Albany.

Sebastian Maniscalco returns to the capital region on Monday March 28 at MVP Arena. This is the postponed date from December so if you already have tickets they will be honored on the new date. If you don’t have tickets yet, you can buy them at Ticketmaster.com.

Listen to my conversation with Maniscalco and learn more about his cooking show, his comedic influences and what to expect on his March show in Albany.

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