Remember when it was The place to eat and drink in Rhinebeck?


There is no doubt that Rhinebeck is one of the most popular destinations in Dutchess County. With its quaint local shops, great restaurants and convenient location, locals and outsiders alike flock to Rhinebeck. But if you’re new to Rhinebeck, you might not remember this cool place that used to be a hangout.

If you are on the northern outskirts of Rhinebeck on Route 9, you may have noticed a burnt down and boarded up building opposite the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. It’s an empty horror right now, but at one point it was filled with people eating, drinking, and socializing.

A few decades ago, this building was the Rolling Rock Cafe. It was the perfect place for a good meal at a good price. They had cool rock and roll relics, and it was always packed. I have fond memories of the meals at Rolling Rock in Rhinebeck.

Then Rolling Rock opened a place in Wappingers Falls and eventually closed in Rhinebeck. But another popular restaurant quickly moved in. The Eveready Diner, a favorite restaurant for Hudson Valley residents. And everything was good again. Until the fire.

I remember hearing about it on the radio. They were talking about smoke and flames and traffic on Highway 9. It was June 2014. I thought everything would be fixed and Eveready or another restaurant would open soon. Nope. It has been empty and barricaded since the fire. More than 7 years. That’s a shame.

I don’t know real estate, and I’m not a businesswoman, but it sounds like a great place to me. Right on Route 9 and directly across from the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. I still have the hope that one day the building will be filled with people and laughter again.

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